Our Music

We started out as a group roughly a year ago in the summer of 1956. We began as a "skiffle" group but we are starting to play more and more of a very exciting new type of music coming from America called rock 'n' roll. Now we enjoy playing both types of music.

For those who have been living on another planet this last year (!) skiffle has been the biggest musical craze to hit Britain in years! Skiffle has become popular because almost anyone can play it! (Even us!) It's a mixture of different American musical styles from the past such as blues, jazz, folk and country but all jazzed up with a crazy beat!

The man who started all of us skiffling is our hero Lonnie Donegan who used to play banjo in the Chris Barber Jazz Band but who has now gone out on his own and has become the unchallenged King of Skiffle! It was Lonnie's idea to find songs from years ago and spruce them up in the modern way. He blows all the dust off them and makes them sound TODAY!

We play several of his hits in our performances including: "Rock Island Line", "Putting On The Style" and "Lost John". And other skiffle songs such as "Worried Man Blues" and "Maggie May".

The other type of music that we all like is brand-new and very exciting. It's called rock 'n' roll. And it comes from America. The biggest star to emerge in the last year is a singer called Elvis Presley. We perform several of his hit songs including: "That's All Right" and "Baby Let’s Play House".

There are also many other singers and groups making this new music that we really like:

Carl Perkins “Blue Suede Shoes”
Gene Vincent “Be-Bop-A-Lula”
Eddie Cochran “Twenty Flight Rock”
The Del Vikings “Come Go With Me”
Little Richard “The Girl Can’t Help It”
Fats Domino “Ain’t That A Shame”
Chuck Berry “School Days”
The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love”

John is also very keen on a brand-new group who have just broken in to the English hit parade with a song called “That’ll Be The Day”. They are a four-piece group who write their own songs. Two guitars, bass and drums. They call themselves The Crickets...