Meet the Group

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Webmaster’s Note: The Quarrymen formed in the summer of 1956 and we've had pretty much the same line-up since we started. The original idea for this page was to have wonderful, individual portrait photographs of each group member to go with their biographies. But SOME of the group members haven't sent those in yet!  (No names, no pack-drill - but you know who you are...  And now so does everyone looking at this web-page!) Despite that we've managed to pull together some pictures from various snap-shots.  But we hope to post better quality photos of each member in the near future.  Meanwhile - MEET THE GROUP!


John W. Lennon

Guitar & Vocals

What the "W" in the middle of his name stands for is a big secret.  Pete Shotton says he knows - but he daren't tell a soul!  John was born on 9th October 1940 in Liverpool.  He lives with his Aunt Mimi in a nice house on Menlove Avenue in Woolton. John started the group with his pals Pete, Eric and Rod who (at the time) were all going to the same school - Quarry Bank High School which is a grammar school in Liverpool.  John plays the guitar and sings the lead vocals.  He can also play the banjo and harmonica.  His favourite singers are Elvis Presley, Lonnie Donegan, Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent.  His hobbies are drawing, bicycling and making mischief!  At Quarry Bank, he produced a very funny magazine read by all the pupils called "The Daily Howl".  John now attends the Liverpool College of Art.  At home he has a dog called Sally and two Siamese cats.

Rod Davis


Rod is the learned member of the group having passed 8 O-levels and he is now studying for his A-levels with university in his sights!  He was born on 7th November 1941.  He lives with his mum and dad and a younger brother (Bernie) and sister (Rosemary) on King's Drive, Woolton.  He attended Springwood Primary School in Allerton before passing his Eleven-Plus exams and going to Quarry Bank High School.  He has studied the piano and recorder and he took up the banjo a year ago - an instrument that made him an invaluable addition to an aspiring skiffle group. His musical tastes include American blues and country music.  He enjoys cycling (he has a yellow Dawes bike with derailleur gears) and aircraft spotting.  He also enjoys languages. His ambition is to travel the world!

Len Garry

Tea-chest Bass

Len is one of the two odd-men-out in the group - someone who didn't attend Quarry Bank High School.  Len was born on 6th January 1942.  He lives with his mum and dad, and older brother Walter in Lance Lane, Wavertree which is a village about a mile away from Woolton, where several of the other lads live.  Len knew Pete slightly from Mosspits Lane Primary School, but after passing his Eleven-Plus he went to the rival grammar school to Quarry Bank - the Liverpool Institute – which he still attends.  Len and Pete got reacquainted a few years ago after a mutual friend Ivan (Ivy) Vaughan - who goes to the Institute with Len - introduced him to his two pals John Lennon and Pete Shotton from Woolton.  Since then, the four lads - sometimes joined by pals Billy Turner and Nigel Walley – have became inseparable. When John was looking for someone to play the tea-chest bass last year - it was naturally to his mate Len that he turned.

Colin Hanton


Colin is a little older than the other members of the Quarrymen.  He was born on 12th December 1938 in Bootle.  He grew up in Heyscroft Avenue in Woolton and attended school nearby.  He left school last year and works as an apprentice in an upholstery firm.  He first expressed interest in playing drums when he was a youngster.  He enjoyed tapping along to the rhythm of jazz records especially if his favourite Gene Krupa was playing. Eventually he purchased a drum kit from Hessy's music store in Liverpool. His friend and neighbour Eric recruited him for the group - his drums being a big attraction! Now he keeps the beat for the Quarrymen and keeps up with all the latest skiffle and rock 'n' roll.

Pete Shotton


Pete was born on 4th August 1941 in Liverpool.  He has an older sister Joan, an older brother Ernest and a younger brother David.  The Shottons live on Vale Road, Woolton. Pete went to Mosspits Lane Primary school and then passed his Eleven-Plus to go to Quarry Bank High School. Pete became friends with John at the age of 6 at the St. Peter's Sunday School and they have been the "terrible twins" ever since!  Pete is keen on cycling and films.  He was enrolled into the group by John but doesn't claim any special musical talents.  He plays the washboard in the Quarrymen which is a percussion instrument played by strumming the metal surface with fingers that have thimbles on.  Much to the amusement of his pals, Pete has just signed up to train as a Police Cadet.  The other Quarrymen are hoping for a get-out-of-jail-free card for life from Pete!

Eric Griffiths


Eric was born in Denbigh, Wales on 31st October 1940.  His family moved first to Bootle, then settled in Halewood Drive, Woolton when he was 10 and he lives there with his mum and older sister Joan.  Having passed his Eleven-Plus, and gone to Quarry Bank, he found himself in the same class (1R) as John and Pete - the self-styled "Terrible Twins" of Quarry Bank who rapidly brought him into their inner circle.  Eric took up playing the guitar a couple of years ago and was one of the first people that John approached to join his group.  He has now left school and he is an engineering apprentice at Napier’s.  But he still likes playing guitar!