31 May 1957

A Blog Is Born!


This is my very first real “blog” entry!

Well I am really enjoying this new internet thing. It really is amazing to be able to look at information from all over the world. I’m so pleased that we’ve set up a website for the Quarrymen. It seems like it might be a good way to help us reach an audience and get some fans!

I’ve always liked the idea of keeping a diary but I’ve not got round to it before. Someone at school mentioned that you could set up a log of all your activities and put it on a website and it could then be seen on what they’re now calling the world wide web which is all kept on a big computer somewhere. Apparently a diary that you keep on a website is called a “web log”. “Blog” for short.  Well that sounds like a good wheeze!  Instead of waiting hundreds of years before you’re famous before anyone reads your diary, you publish it immediately.  And you don’t have any book editors who are probably like school masters judging your every word. Since we have this new Quarrymen website it’s a shame not to take advantage of it and publish my blog on it. The other chaps have agreed to it. So here goes! I’m going to try and add a few photos as I go.

This is a snap I took of my school – Quarry Bank High School.

Posted by Rod Davis on 31 May, 1957


What a lovely idea keeping a diary on a website! I hope it catches on!  I wonder what the quarrymen sound like.  I wonder if they sound anything like Lonny Donegan. He’s my favourite skiffle singer.

Susan Pilgrim on 31 May, 1957

Realmente, a internet é fascinante ! Indeed, the net is fascinating!

rogerbatista on 31 May, 1957

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